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Top Grilled Steak Tips to Follow

The time of the year that most people like to make grilled steak is during the summer. This is a very good time to invite your friend and family to eat the grilled steak. Making grilled steak is something that not everyone can make. When using an infrared grill, you can be able to make grilled steak in many ways. Fortunately, anybody can be able to learn how they can cook the best-grilled steak. If you are using an infrared grill, then you should the recipe for making grilled steak that is discussed here.

If the steak that you want to grill is cold you should not begin grilling it. It is important to use steak that is ready to be cooked on a grill. In the event, you have not taken the steps that are required to make the steak ready for grilling you should not even grill the steak. To make the steak ready you should start by taking the steak out from the fridge sometime before the actual grilling. You should then let the steak warm up to room temperature. If the steak is at a lower temperature than the room temperature then you should expect that the steak will get burnt when you grill it. The best grill to use is the infrared grill.

The second thing to do here is to season the steak before you grill it. The seasonings that should never miss are kosher salt and freshly cracked black pepper. It is ideal to salt your steak one day before the day you will grill it. Just before you grill it, ensure that the steak has been patted down. After patting down the steak you should salt it. It is when the grilled steak is done that you should season it with black pepper. In the event you season the steak with black pepper before grilling, the black pepper will burn to make the steak taste bad.

Only two levels of heat should be used when grilling the steak. This is something that should be done whether you are grilling the steak in an infrared grill or a gas grill. Begin by placing the grill on the first heat level because it is the hottest. It is ideal to finish cooking the steak on the second level because it has low heat. It is possible to check how done a grilled steak is by using a meat thermometer. Find out what the ideal temperature for done grilled steak is. Once the grilled steak is ready, it is vital that it is given some time to breathe before you delve in to eat it.